Frequently Asked Questions By Students

What should I bring to camp?
You will be staying in a college room dorm so you will need to bring linens (sheets, blanket, pillow, towels and washcloths) and all personal grooming items (soap, shampoo, hair dryer, etc). You may also want to bring an alarm clock, camera, talent show prop, insect repellant, sun block, frisbee, football.

What are the camp rules?
A complete list of rules will be included in your confirmation packet. Each student must attend all activities and be on time, observe curfews and the dress code. No smoking is allowed by minors and no alcohol or narcotics are allowed.

What is the age limit to attend camp?
Student must be 15 by the start date of camp and no older than 25 for first time participants. Only alums may exceed the maximum age limit.

May I request a roommate?
We do not honor roommate requests since roommates are assigned by our computer system based on age. At YYLC, you will make many new friends and have plenty of opportunities to hang out with old ones during meals, free time, and general assemblies.

I have special dietary needs. Will the cafeteria staff be able to meet my needs?
While cafeteria staff will be able to tell you about the food choices offered, they will be unable to arrange menus specifically for special needs diets. Salads are offered at both lunch and dinner. There will be more than one choice of food, so just be sure to look around and feel free to ask the cafeteria staff if you have any questions about how something was prepared.

My confirmation packet said to bring props for a talent show. Is that mandatory?
The talent show is not mandatory. However, if you’d like to perform, come prepared with music, instruments, or costumes you may need.

What should I plan to wear on a daily basis at the conference?
YYLC is unique. It is not a sports camp or outdoor experience; neither is the emphasis on lecture or formality. At YYLC, you’ll be indoors in meeting spaces, general assembly areas, or the cafeteria. During free time you’ll be outdoors playing pick-up games of Frisbee, football, or volleyball, or just hanging out with friends. The atmosphere is very relaxed. You should plan to wear casual clothing (that meets our dress code) most of the time. One night there will be a more formal banquet time, for which you should dress up. For girls, a nice dress or skirt and blouse is appropriate. Guys should wear dress slacks, a nice shirt, and a coat and tie if possible. There will also be one event in which you will get dirty and wet. This one event is our only outdoor experience of the camp. It’s a team building exercise that we like to call the "Great Experience.”

What should I do if I do not receive a confirmation packet?
You should call YYLC at 803.628.0000 in order to confirm your registration and arrange for a new packet to be sent to you.